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Children’s Program/Potluck for June Once a month, a special exploration with children for first day followed by a family style lunch!
June 5:  Walking in beauty with Miss Rumphius
Since the Meetinghouse is surrounded by lupine in full show, we thought we’d continue our theme of “walking gently” on our earth by sharing the story of the lupine lady.  Some consider this the original “green” story. 
I’m guessing you all know Barbara Cooney’s story about Alice Rumphius and her desire to do three things: live by the sea, go to faraway places and make the world a more beautiful place.  It can prompt discussions on a wide variety of topics (environmentalism, aging, travel, family ties and the many positive aspects of feminism). We’ll try and center down on some concrete things the children can do right now to be “green” (help remember to turn off light switches, compost, garden, etc.).  We’ll add some more footprints to our “walking gently over the earth” display.  Here's the poster we star…