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"Can you be a Quaker and a misanthrope?"

I agree with Albert Einstein’s great belief in the power of asking good questions! Questions that are thought-provoking, spark curiosity or start great conversations. 
The Society of Friends has had a long history of making use of queries. A query is a question or series of questions used for reflection.  Queries are can be read aloud at the start of a meeting for silent worship (we do that once or twice a month) and sometimes during business meetings. They were at the heart of a worship sharing session we recently held. 
Here are some of the ways our Meeting has asked questions.
A display on our board poses a set of questions for a Quakerism 101 discussion:   Can I wear polish on my toenails? Do you have to be a pacifist to be a Quaker? What is a “popcorn meeting”?
During Meeting for Worship, my friend Suzy shared a question that she received in the mail recently: You are a Quaker.  Can you tell me what that means in 60 seconds or less?
We've also had aworship sharingrecently, where we s…