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Sharing, Worship, and a Query

In the late 1950s, Rachel DuBois began leading “Quaker Dialogues” to deepen communication among members of over 300 meetings in Friends General Conference. In the decades that followed what she began was continued, borrowed from, and modified.  It seems likely that her group dialogues were the precursor to many “creative listening” and “worship sharing” practices of today.[i]
“Worship sharing” is still evolving among Quakers. Various groups have developed guidelines and resources.[ii] Culling through several resources I find these common characteristics:   ·a small group·holding a topic or query·using some structure to create a safe space for listeners and speakers·Silent Worship·not a conversation (but it can lead to deepened understanding among those in the group) 
We plan to hold worship sharing sessions periodically.  One Friend, in particular, wants to connect with others over her concerns around today’s challenges to peace.  I’ve been thinking about what the specific query might be…