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Faith and Kite Flying in September

Our next potluck and family program falls on September 6th.  We’ll be exploring the Asian double-ninth festival which is celebrated that week on the ninth day of the month. It is a kite festival celebrated in China with kites that bear wishes and prayers. 
The children will have a guided exploration of an unusually shaped kite or flying device, hear Demi-Demi’s Kites: Magic wishes that fly up into the skyread aloud, soar like kites for a movement break, and then may make whirly birds or pinwheels. During share we’ll ask about how we all know the wind is there even when we can’t see it, connect with the Quaker belief in Inner Light and That of God in everyone, and share that the celebration originated in Asia. 
Come for 10:00 Meeting for Worship.  After a brief time, the children will be invited to come to the social room for our children’s program, and then at 11:00 we will all meet and share what we’ve done.  We follow that with a potluck which we hope you can stay for, too.

A Summer Visitor

Summertime here in Maine ... school's out and homes and camps are full of active kids ; cottages and highways are full (some might say choked) with an influx of summer visitors; seasonal work outdoors on boats, homes, and gardens is underway.

When we heard that Shan Cretin, the Secretary General of the American Friends Service Committee (AFSC), was in Maine and had a Sunday afternoon available, I was so pleased that we were able to quickly step up and invite her to come talk with us at the Midcoast Outreach and Peace Center!

 Shan is responsible for AFSC’s worldwide peace, social justice and humanitarian assistance programs. Her overview covered the theory and practices behind Quaker programs aimed to build capacity for peace with justice. Specific examples of projects showed increased effective engagement especially among young people, our next generation of activists!