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February and March Children's Programs

Our program on January 4th drew a nice number of children. Getting acquainted and offering a gentle introduction to a few Quaker practices (the first 10-15 minutes of Silent Worship, centering, developing first name relationships with teachers) and principles (equality, community, stewardship) is a delight. As children practice listening for their own inner voices and looking for “that of God in all of us” I believe they grow in self-esteem, mindfulness, empathy and resilience.  The children have done amazingly and are certainly a bright spot in the entire Meeting’s day.

There are wonderful school, camp, and preserve programs for these children already, so in our quick 45 minutes together I want to offer a simple connection to something that is special to our philosophy. We've touched on testimonies of community, equality, and stewardship in the last three programs, so we chose to highlight caring and growing in a diverse set of cultures for our next two sessions.    
Here are t…