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Rachel’s New Elderwalk Program Begins

Rachel McGinness knows that staying mobile is very important, especially for the elderly. She understands that a chance to socialize and get a little movement can lift spirits as well as activity levels. Plus, she makes delicious soup! Rachel holds a free “Elderwalk” twice a month, here at the Meetinghouse.
Rachel provides a delicious home-made soup luncheon, some warm conversation, and a chance to walk the nature paths or, in inclement weather, step to music or engage in gentle body movement indoors. In preparation, we've mowed walking paths through our meadow and around the building. Some of the trails are easier than others, but we've put out some wooden rockers and benches for rest stops. We've done up a small flyer to give to area "Care" agencies, and are planning to begin advertising the program gradually to be sure not to take on too much work as it starts up.
The first Elderwalk took place September 4th. Rachel served a delicious soup, bread and butter, …

A Service of Remembrance for Michael Brown on Sunday September 7th, 2pm

The Members of Midcoast Outreach and Peace Center, an initiative of the Midcoast Friends (Quaker) Meeting, are shocked and saddened by the death of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9th.  We grieve for Michael as well as for his family and friends, but also for the larger context in which this shooting took place.
 American society still suffers from the long legacy of racism. African-American communities too often find themselves administrated by insensitive white officials and police departments. With alarming frequency young men of color are stopped, frisked, harassed, booked, and become victims of unjustified lethal force.  Michael Brown was one such victim among many—too many—young people of color to be abused in this manner or killed.
When the people in Ferguson protested this senseless killing, they were met initially by an overwhelming show of military-like force that deepened and exacerbated community tensions.  We deplore the militarization of local police, which i…