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Cynthia's Observations

I saw Cynthia stop still and bend down to pick something off the dirt drive at the meetinghouse. She straightened up with a smile and noticed me watching.  "Isn't this a fantastic rock?" she beamed as she held out a smooth, small white granite stone streaked with shining bits of black mica.

It was lovely, I agreed as I handed it back to her. Still smiling, she turned it over in her hand for a bit, marveling at the random distribution of the grains within it, before she pocketed the stone and continued on her way.

My head had been full of rushing thoughts, about almost being late and shopping to do on the way home and generally bracing for the week ahead. Now I was standing in the parking lot, looking at the pebbles on the ground, and smiling.  It was the first time that Cynthia's focus on the beauty around her caused me to share a mindful moment with her. She has a gift that way.

Sometime later, Cynthia learned that my family lived quite near her and asked if we'…

Let Your Life Speak

"Let your life speak."   
I know many Quakers whose faith shapes the choices and decisions they make in their lives. Not just in their activism and engagement in the world but in the less obtrusive undertakings of everyday life.

“Letting” their lives speak sounds almost passive, and it is true that it's not the Quaker way to impose beliefs or proselytize.  But "lives that speak" are not passive. They are active and powerful, because they are pointing the way...  as they work for peace, understanding, equality, justice. They lead, by following their Inner Teacher. Quakers witness. 
Many of the people at Midcoast Meeting are inspired people whose lives are active and whose stories are awesome. We're hoping to have some of them share about their lives and work at the Meetinghouse. I'll try and share some of their stories here, too.