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From "Away"

There's a shorthand that the locals sometimes use, here in Maine.

If a local tells you someone is "from away" it might explain that stranger's sense of urgency, determination or downright despair (What do you mean, you've sold out of the lobster special? Can't you send someone out for more?).

For many years, I qualified for another local euphemism: I was a "summer person."  (I often quipped that I was only a real person in the summer!)  Coming here to recharge and regroup each year meant a lot of dealing with maintaining the summer camp, squirrel generations who felt as proprietary as we did, and having only summer glimpses of people we knew "since forever." Our sense of place and awareness of the briefness of our visit kept us mindful of our blessings here. Our annual migration north sustained us in many ways.

Now that I've settled in Midcoast, I know how our Meeting enjoys a summer influx of new visitors and old friends. Although thi…