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Mixed Media Studio Art with Judith Imm

I am having a fantastic time getting to know Judith and her art!  She's another Midcoast Friends Meeting person (I previously posted about Carl, and I owe you a post about our newly blogging poet, George) and a delight to scheme with. Judith is fascinating, talented, and extremely encouraging. I'm pasting a flyer below with our first foray into summer art classes:

Visual artist Judith Imm comes to Midcoast Outreach and Peace Center on Tuesday mornings this summer.  Judith brings her mastery of many techniques and tools, a belief in the joy of art making, and in the power of an artist’s vision to communicate deeply felt emotions and ideas. As she says, “It’s simply freeing.”
Judith invites beginning and experienced artists to come share a still life exploration for a series of 3-hour studio experiences.  Since Judith is versed in so many media, she leaves your choice of media (i.e. watercolor, oil stick, pastel, acrylics) up to you!
Judith, educated at the Chelsea School of Art i…


The calendar on the lobby wall at the meetinghouse lists "NVC" from 6:30 to 8:30 on the first and third Mondays each month. I puzzled about it, since I didn't recognize the handwriting. Before I had a chance to ask many people about it, though, I found a note on my desk from Carl. It said he'd like to talk to me about NVC.  How serendipitous!
It turns out that Carl has been facilitating a small group of people who gather at the Meetinghouse on the first and third Mondays of each month. They’ve been meeting for 10 years or more. They share a reading the first Monday, exploring a chapter of a book together, but they aren’t an ordinary “book group.”  On the third Monday of the month, they put into practice the techniques in the most recent reading—giving each other a chance to hone their skills in an "empathy circle." Carl donated two copies of the book they are using and told me a little about the history of the group.  The book is Marshall B. Rosenberg’s Nonvi…